Storage Tips

General Tips

Use packaging materials, e.g. paper, tape, bubble wrap, cartons, and porta-robes, to protect your goods whilst in storage.

Clothing should be packed in strong cartons with repellents such as mothballs, naphthalene, lavender or similar, to help protect your goods.

Protect the shelving and furniture structure by emptying wardrobes, cupboards and drawers.

Pack books flat. Heavy books and tools should be packed in smaller boxes to make them easier to move around.


Use covers to protect your furniture, i.e. drop sheets.

Partially full cartons may collapse, always fill them, but do not overfill.

Label cartons as you pack, this makes items easier to find.

Remove legs from furniture to save space and avoid damage, where possible.

Audio & Video equipment, and computers

Handle these items with care as they are delicate. Secure with bubble wrap or similar and store upright.

Use original boxes if possible. Otherwise, wrap individual items in bubble wrap before you pack them in cartons. Fill any gaps with paper or linen.

Secure turntables and tone arms of record players to prevent damage when moving.

Pack records on their edge prevent warping, and Pack CDs on their edge in cases to avoid scratches.

Make a back up of your hard drives and store elsewhere to your storage shed.

Label ports with masking tape.

Glassware & Crockery

Place layers of packing, e.g. paper or ribbed cardboard at the bottom and top of cartons with fragile items.

Stand plates, saucers, platters and casseroles on their edge. Nest plates.

Wrap fragile items individually in packing paper, but avoid newspaper, as it is messy.

Fill gaps in the cartons with packing such as scrunched up paper or linen.

Avoid storing heavy items on top of fragile items and label them accordingly.

Pack items of crockery into smaller cartons to avoid the difficulty of heavy boxes.

Appliances & Electronics

Do not store perishable items such as food in fridges and freezers.

Do not keep items inside fridges or freezers as the shelves and linings can be marked or damaged.

Fridge and freezer doors should be secured slightly ajar and a deodoriser placed inside.

White goods should be thoroughly cleaned and dry before storing.

Remove batteries from battery operated items.

Vehicles, Mowers & Other Machinery

Drain fuel and oil from machinery to reduce the risk of leakage, spillage and damage to other items in your storage space. Cars should be stored with minimal fuel.

Disconnect the battery to prolong the life of the battery.

Petrol and oil left in your machinery is a fire hazard.

Metal, Mirrors, Windows, Screens and Paintings

Protect twith packing material such as bubble wrap or in a flat pack carton.

Store mirrors, windows, screens and paintings upright, standing on their edge. Do not lay flat.

To reduce tarnishing wrap silver in non-acidic tissue paper

Wipe cast iron or chrome with a small amount of machine oil to will help retard rust.